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BESS Solutions

BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) consulting & project management.

What is BESS?

A BESS works like a large-scale rechargeable battery, storing electricity when it’s abundant, often from renewable sources like the sun and wind. In addition to supplying energy for your business when demand is high, a BESS acts as a reliable backup during outages or disruptions. This system provides financial benefits by optimizing energy costs and promotes a greener grid by reducing reliance on non-renewable sources.

Power up while reducing costs

A BESS can store energy when electricity prices are low, like at night or when a lot of renewable energy is generated. Then, during peak hours when prices rise, a BESS can be used to support charging instead of drawing power from more costly sources – potentially reducing your energy bills.

Minimize interruptions

With a BESS, you get a steady and reliable source of backup power. So even if the sun isn’t shining, the wind isn’t blowing, or an unexpected power outage occurs, a BESS can help ensure your operations maintain a consistent flow.

Earn from excess energy

As well as storing energy, a BESS provides the opportunity to participate in the energy market. During peak hours, surplus energy can be sold back to the grid instead of remaining unused. This transforms excess energy into extra revenue while supporting a greener grid.